Tips to Setup Your Twitter Account and Increase Traffic to Your Retail Website

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With over 60 million visitors a month, Twitter is a great place to get your message out to people who are looking for your products and services. There are a lot of ways to use Twitter with new techniques and tools popping up all the time. Even with new tools and techniques, these following tried and true tips will get your Twitter account polished up, ready for business.

Include your website address in your profile – This is the easiest way to get people who resonate with your product and services to visit your website. Once an interested person sees your tweet and decide to find out more about you, they’ll go to your profile. A short concise ‘About me’ about your retail site along with a website address will bring visitors interested in your products.

Use Your Store Name for Twitter – It might be highly likely that your website name, or your product/service name is taken on twitter. But if not, use your online store name as your Twitter username. This will associate your Twitter to your store and make it easier for others on Twitter to mentally connect the two. If the Twitter username you want to use is already taken, take extra time and research to keep the username as close to your retail store name as possible. Try adding twitter/tweet/updates/news or any other words to the end of the username you want to use and see if they’re available.

Make Sure You Update Your Twitter Avatar – Your avatar (the image you use with your Twitter account) is an important part of creating an impression for people who will be seeing your tweets for the first time. Using your logo is a great start and if you decide to have multiple Twitter accounts for your website for each employee of the business, use a photo of yourselves. Humans concentrate on human faces much longer than text and logos, so if your business is connecting with your market casually, using your real photo is recommended.

Twitter is Casual – With only 160 characters to work with, most conversations on Twitter are casual. This means you can connect with other people at a more personal level. You don’t want to be overly professional to avoid putting a wall between you and your prospects. At the same time, you don’t want to be so casual that you end up offending or seeming ignorant about your products. Understand the lingo used in your market and incorporate them into your tweets.

Start with a question – Start with a question when you first approach a prospect on Twitter. A well thought out question will show your prospect that the tweet wasn’t a computer generated spam tweet. Questions also allow you to engage your prospect and understand what they’re looking for and what their pain points are. See if your product or service can resolve the problem your prospect is having. Don’t use hard selling tactics because people are getting ever-more sensitive to unsolicited selling techniques. Show that you’re genuinely looking to help them out.

Tweet Relevant Useful Information – People are going to be much more likely to follow you if you’re tweeting information that’s relevant and useful for your prospects. Would you follow a Twitter account if all their tweets only consisted of how great their products and services were? I would think not. Find relevant news and information in your market and share it with everyone. Teach them how to use your product, teach them how your service will improve and make their lives easier. Teach, inform and entertain.

Custom Twitter Background – Twitter backgrounds are a great way to add more information for your prospects to see. Aside, from adding more information, the best reason for you to create a custom Twitter background is because it distinguishes you from many others that are using the stock backgrounds. Try including product images and contact information on the left hand side. (Website, email, phone number, etc) One tip I recommend when designing your custom background is to keep it simple and uncluttered. Messy cluttered backgrounds will make your tweets more difficult to read and makes your Twitter account unprofessional. Check out the post on Mashable on how to create custom Twitter backgrounds.

Do you have any tips for all of us that use Twitter to increase our online retail business? What do you do on Twitter to stand out?

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