How to Stimulate Your Motivation When You Want to Quit

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As business owners, we face a lot of unique challenges that an employee will never encounter. This means more responsibilities, more work and more stress. When such stresses compound, our motivations wane and we experience burnout. There are times that things get so tough, it seems easier to just quit and go back to the 9-5, to never think about starting your own business again.

If you never experience problems like these, consider yourself extremely lucky. But for the rest of us, no matter how much we love our work, there are times when frustrations get the best of us. Personally, I tend to have my low-time after days or weeks of high-intensity work. I burnout and need time to decompress and rethink my role in the business as I regain energy to get back into the grind.

So how do you re-stimulate and get your motivation to peak levels?

Think and feel the passion you first felt when you started
Take yourself back to when your business idea to started to germinate as your business sprouted. When was it? Where was it? Close your eyes and feel the passion and excitement that lead you to take action toward starting your business. Why did you get  excited about starting your own business? Was it the prospect of financial freedom? Was it because you had passion for your work? Was it to escape the tyranny of the 9-5? Relive your feelings and thoughts by answering these questions.

You’re not alone
Although this might be something distinct to me, there are times that I feel I’m in my business alone. Even when I know that I work with my brother, when thoughts like this find their way into my consciousness, I withdraw into myself to look for an answer to why I’m feeling the way I am. Introspective thinking is useful to work out ideas and plans, but when strong irrational emotions act up, I’ve found the best way is to break the depressive feelings by hanging out with people I’m close with. Have a great conversation and share some laughs with friends and family. It will help you get over your slump and give you renewed energy that would have never came if you never got out and spent some time away from irrational anxiety.

Take some time off
Sometimes the best thing to do is to just take some time off. When you’re burned out, you won’t be able to kick-start your motivation and drive by pushing harder. When you have a massive wall in front of you, instead of plowing through it, or climbing it, it’s better to walk around it. Take a day or two off and do things that are completely different from your work. If your work requires a lot of sitting at your computer, get out and go for a nice jog or hike. The key is to completely decompress by clearing your mind from work stress.

Review your goals
You have personal and business goals, right? Take out your [portable goal reminder] and review them. Has your PGR started to tear and fall apart? Create a new one by printing another sheet out and write your goals on the fresh sheet of paper. This will remind you of ‘why’ you’re in your business and what you want to accomplish. This can be very powerful in kick-starting both your motivation and refresh your emotions.

The road to greatness always require overcoming difficult terrain
As the saying goes, “the road to success is always under construction.” Unfortunately for anyone in business, we know that growing and succeeding in business requires hard work, dedication and sacrifices. We all have to consistently pay our dues to achieve the next level in our businesses. Understand that this is true for anyone in business and you’re not the only one grinding it out. Entrepreneurs around the world are all in it together. :)

Do you have any special routines your motivation dips, or experience burnout? Let us know by commenting below.

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