How to Increase E-Commerce Average Order Size and Conversion Rates with Hello Bar

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For all those who have been in the e-commerce space, you may have been getting your message such as limited-time sales or free shipping deals to your customers by using email newsletters, homepage banners, or small graphics that you hope your customers take notice when shopping at your e-commerce store. Although these strategies are proven to work, it’s always nice to add an extra tool to your e-commerce marketing toolbox.

Enter the Hello Bar:

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I’ve came across the Hello Bar a month or two ago when I saw it displayed on the blog of Tim Ferriss. It was eye catching without being obtrusive. Intrigued, I did a little research and found out that it was called the Hello Bar. I immediately signed up for their free service and placed the Hello Bar on my e-commerce websites for a test run with great results, helping me increase both the average order size and conversion rates.

How you can get signed up
Right now, the Hello Bar is in beta, so once you sign up, you’ll have to wait for them to get back to you with a special beta key to log in. This might take a while, so if you want to get started ASAP, please feel free to message me by commenting on this post, as I have 5 4 invites to give out.

Once you’re signed up and receive confirmation that your account has been activated, you can create your Hello Bar. Once your Hello Bar is created, you’ll be given a snippet of code that you copy and paste onto your own website. (Your e-commerce store in this case) Once that’s done, go to your storefront and make sure you’ve got it working. That’s all there is to it.

Here’s a video of me setting up Hello Bar:

How to Increase Your Average Order Size and Store Conversion Rate
Increasing your average order size and conversion rate is a great way to increase your revenues without getting more traffic to your site. This optimizes the traffic to order ratio, effectively making your website a more efficient system, at the same time increasing your customer satisfaction. Here’s 3 tips and strategies you can use:

  • Offer Free Shipping Coupons on Orders Over $XX – This has worked really well for me and has increased average order size along with a slight boost in conversion rates. By giving your customers a coupon code for free shipping over a predetermined amount, your customers will be more inclined to spend that extra to get free shipping. Not only that, they’ll have the satisfaction of entering a coupon code that in most cases, people usually don’t have. You’ll have to do the math to see where you want to set the dollar amount, but you’ll also want to test $10 increments every 1-2 weeks. If your free shipping coupon is good at $40, try $30 if the math works out, and $50 and see where the sweet spot is. (The pricing should be dependent on the products you sell. Some people might see results at $10, while others will need to set the free shipping threshold at $500, $1,000 or maybe higher.)
  • Offer a $X off $XX Order Coupon Code – This will also work well to get your customers to purchase more for them to use their coupon code. You’ll also want to test this out to see where your sweet spot is. As I mentioned previously, I like to test in $10 increments to see where the best conversions occur.
  • Advertise Specials on Hello Bar – Do you have a special deal going on? A BOGO? Special savings or maybe a gift with purchase. You can let your customers know all sorts of neat things happening on your website. Although I found (this is only based on my experience) that coupon codes work better, announcing your specials are also a great way to bring extra traffic and highlight certain products.

All the tips above are all based on my tests and may or may not work in your market, but the best way to find out is by testing! :) I hope my experience and tips will help you bring in more orders at higher average order sizes.

Comment below and let me know if you have any other strategies you use to increase conversion rates and average order size!

Tools Introduced in this Post:

Hello Bar – A minimalist bar/banner that appears at the top of your website with your own custom message. Great for e-commerce merchants.

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  1. Tyler

    hey tom – nice writeup, particularly the strategies. I’d really appreciate one of the beta keys. i’ve used my real email addy in the comment form. thanks! tyler

    • Tom


      No problem, you should see the invite in your inbox!
      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Daniel

    that looks really awesome!
    I was actually looking at HelloBar this week and decided to use it on my site, but I didn’t notice that I needed an invite. I want to use the plug in for my launch next week, could you send me a quick invite?
    Thanks man, really appreciate it!