How to Browse and Change Templates on the BigCommerce Shopping Cart

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BigCommerce is an e-commerce shopping cart solution that offers easy to use admin interface and beautiful intuitive storefronts, so customers are able to navigate easily through your online retail store. Starting at only $24.95 a month, BigCommerce is an inexpensive way to get you started selling online.

Video Transcript:
In this video you’ll see how easy it is to browse and change templates on the BigCommerce shopping cart platform.

To get to the template page we first log in to the admin homepage. When we login to the admin homepage scroll up and go to store design. Once you click store design, you will be taken to the template page. In this video it shows that the current template is called “Watches Grey”.

As you scroll down on the template page you’ll see that there are a lot of templates to choose from. At the time of the video recording BigCommerce has 95 templates to choose from. All templates are beautifully designed and all of them are free. Unlike other shopping cart solutions, it’s nice to have many templates at your disposal without a charge for premium templates.

As you scroll down and see the templates you would like to install, you can click on the image to zoom up and see the sample template. Once you decide on your template, you click on ‘Apply this template’ link right below the image of the template. Once you click on the link, a warning pop-up will appear. This is to make sure you back up all your template files from the previous template. The back-up is used if you’ve made a lot of customizations on your previous template and want to revert back to your old template in the future. Once you confirm that you have backed up your templates, click on ‘Apply’ and your template is changed . It’s that simple.

Stay tuned for more how to’s on the BigCommerce shopping cart platform. You can also visit for more detailed information and reviews on the BigCommerce shopping cart platform.

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