How to Attract More Repeat Customers to Your E-commerce Store Using Business Cards

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As we all know, bringing in traffic (customers) to your e-commerce website is one of the most important aspects of increasing sales. The more customers that you can bring to your online storefront, the more likely you’ll be able to convert them to customers.  But, have you ever thought of ways of increasing repeat customers?

One simple way of enticing your customers to come back and shop at your store is by throwing in a simple business card with a special “customer only” offer with their shipment. Not only simple, business cards have become very inexpensive and only cost a cent or two to produce, making this marketing method a very cheap yet effective method to attract repeat customers.

So what has to be on your business card to help facilitate repeat customers? To have more repeat customers coming to your website, just throwing in a generic business card with your name, address and phone number won’t work. You will want to make special business cards for especially this purpose.

Here are some ideas on what to put on your cards:

  • Thank them – A thank you is always appreciated, yet the number of companies that actively thank the customer is still a minority, giving you the edge in customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Give your customer a coupon code for the next order – Another great way to thank your customers is to give them a discount the next time they order from your website. By giving your customer a coupon code for their next order, they’ll most likely think of you next time they need anything you sell. This strategy is especially effective if you sell products that need replacement frequently, or require multiple buys for continued usefulness. (Examples are diapers, guitar strings, vitamins, and many more!)
  • Hand sign your business card – Handwrite “Thank You” on your business card, so that it stands out to your customer. Because most things are typed, seeing real handwriting will most certainly stand out in the eyes of your customers. This little touch does wonders to the right customers. If your retail business has a warehouse staff that fulfills the shipping, ask them to sign each card. Even a “Packaged by” followed by a hand written name is a very nice touch.
  • Ask your customer to join your email newsletter – If your e-commerce website has a email newsletter signup form, ask them to join your newsletter to get the latest news about products and deals. This will keep your customer thinking about your company long after the first sale as long as you keep up to date with your newsletter.

Now, you may be thinking that creating your own business card is going to be difficult, but don’t worry, as the printing companies I’ll recommend below make it super easy for you to design your own custom business cards on their website!

PrintRunner – I’ve been using them for my printing needs for a few years now. They offer a free, easy to use business card designer with many professional templates for you to choose from. They also offer great pricing, so I highly recommend them for all your printing needs. Get your business cards now.

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