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In the ecommerce shopping cart market, there are a lot of solutions you can choose from. Just a quick search on Google will result in a handful of sites that call out for your attention. All ecommerce shopping cart solutions promise an easy to use interface with easy setup of your online retail store. With many solutions available, I had to take a large amount of time to test the shopping carts out to find out which shopping cart solution was indeed worthy of my time and future growth potential.

For those who didn’t read my story on the ‘about’ page, I started my ecommerce business with my brother 2 years ago. We initially started on a WordPress platform and on eBay. Unfortunately, the WordPress platform was meant for blogging and did not offer much in ecommerce functionality. This got me on a long search for an ecommerce shopping cart that would enable us to quickly get started and also have long term growth potential.

Fast forward to today, we’ve been using BigCommerce since it’s inception and have had great success in both growing and sustaining our business. Because of our great experiences with BigCommerce, I decided to create this website to highlight the benefits for others who are looking for the solution to their ecommerce needs. Ecommerce doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and we want to be a part of your growth and success. With that said, let’s go into reviewing the BigCommerce Shopping Cart.

Who is BigCommerce Tailored To?

  • Brick and Mortar Businesses: Integrating an online shopping cart in addition to your brick and mortar business will increase your revenues. Depending on which market you are in, you will see 1000% increase in revenue. This is because you’ll be able to reach people around the world instead of just in your local. Since you will already have products to sell, you won’t have to spend any extra capital to purchase more at the beginning stages.
  • Startups: This was us 2 years back. With no money and no products, we were able to grow our business while working part time. If you have a good idea of a product you want to sell BigCommerce is a great platform to jump into because of its ease of use and professional shopping cart design templates that allows you to spend time on the business and not on setting up your website.
  • Current ecommerce shopping cart users: Are you fed up with the lack of support or having a difficult time using your current shopping cart? Is the admin interface clunky and un-intuitive? BigCommerce makes it easy for you to transfer over with their import tool and if you need help transferring from your current shopping cart over to BigCommerce, you can always shoot tech support an email to get an idea of how to best continue.

What’s the benefits of going with BigCommerce?

  • Beautiful ready for primetime templates: Like I mentioned previously, the BigCommerce shopping cart templates are professionally designed and ready for action. All my current ecommerce sites use the BigCommerce templates unaltered. This has not at all affected the conversion rates or SEO. Just to give you an example, we are getting over 3.3% conversion rates in a very dynamic and competitive market. Not only the great conversion rate, I am consistently getting praise from our customers saying that one of the main reasons for their purchase was because our websites look good compared to others that look ‘shady’ and ‘greasy.’
  • Great integration of Internet marketing tools: From BigCommerce email marketing, Facebook integration, eBay, coupon codes and many other options, marketing is made easier and more powerful. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you know that marketing is a very important part of good business health. With the Internet, there are more opportunities for marketing, but because there are so many more competitors, there is a great chance that your message will be drowned out. But with the built-in tools of BigCommerce, your job gets that much easier.
  • Easy to use admin page: The intuitively designed admin page makes it easy for you to get things done. No complicated menu systems or small, difficult to read fonts.
  • Continually updated shopping cart script: Since the release of the most recent BigCommerce shopping cart script (version 6), BigCommerce will now begin rolling out bug fixes and improvements continually, instead of as one big change every few months. This means that things will be taken care of faster and smoother than previous methods in the past. With this, you can always be sure that you’re running the most up-to-date BigCommerce script.
  • Hosted on their servers (fast and secure): When I first started up my WordPress ecommerce site, I had to look for servers to host my site on. Yes, getting a good low priced host has gotten much easier, not having to worry about dealing with another company regarding the hosting will relieve a lot of stress. If you have any questions or need help, all you have to do is to contact one tech support team at BigCommerce instead of contacting tech support of different companies and having to re-explain the problem each time.

Any problems with BigCommerce I should know of?

  • Admin Page Through Mobile Devices: Logging into the BigCommerce admin page using your mobile device such as the iPhone only shows orders. This is not a problem if you don’t use your phone to edit products and add orders, but I would like to see the ability to edit product descriptions and see stats of the website through mobile devices.
  • No Affiliate Marketing Support Directly on BigCommerce: This point is coupled with the next one (no root access). BigCommerce does not offer an affiliate solution to their shopping cart, but only offers a section to enter a 3rd party affiliate tracking code. I have been able to track down a 3rd party script that works with BigCommerce, but to take full advantage, I will also need ‘root access’ which is the next point.
  • No Root Access: To be fair, BigCommerce will be considering/implementing this feature if enough people vote on having root access available to users. But at this time, BigCommerce does not offer root access to their shopping cart, which means that I won’t be able to take full advantage of the affiliate script I purchased. (To most people, not having root access is not a big deal, but in my case, access to the root will be much welcomed)
  • Poor eBay Integration: BigCommerce just rolled out their eBay integration with version 6 of their shopping cart script, but unfortunately, the integration is still in its infancy, and does not work too well if you have many products for sale. Another problem with the eBay integration is that the description on your BigCommerce site is used for eBay, and you are not able to change it when listing it on eBay. This can be a stumbling block if you need to have extra descriptions on your eBay listing, such as return/customer service information.

Is BigCommerce really for me?

It depends on what your needs are in the end. For me, BigCommerce has been the best solution and I have expanded to 3 sites that run on BigCommerce. BigCommerce offers great technical support and a very active user community that’s constantly helping the BigCommerce staff improve their product. Better yet, BigCommerce offers a free 15 day trial of their shopping cart without needed any payment information. It’s easy and the process will only take you a few minutes.

If you’re interested in diving in and begin making profits, or want to try the 15 day Free trial of BigCommerce, go and sign up by clicking on this link and take the first step in creating financial freedom for you and your family.

Click here to directly go to the Free BigCommerce Trial


  1. Tom

    Yes, BC does not have affiliate tracking. I realized this when I started to host my own webstore there ( ).

    I have created simple affiliate tracking that integrates easily with BigCommerce:

    It is simple, affordable, easy to integrate. Does not require you to install anything at the root of the server. Just use options available through the BC admin panel.



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