Hi and Welcome to the eCommerce Hacks Blog!

My name is Tom and I’ve created this blog to document the things I learn as I grow my e-commerce websites and the strategies and mindsets that help me get through the hurdles.

The Frustration of Today’s 9-5 Worker

“Get good grades, go to a good college and find a good job and live a comfortable job.” 
In the past, a good college education gave you the key to a job that paid you enough to own a house and feed your family comfortably. Unfortunately, this ‘dream’ has continually been eroding and with the Wall Street crash in 2008, we just found out how unstable our ‘stable’ jobs were. Even years after, our nation is still battling an extremely high unemployment rate that doesn’t seem to get any better.

My Story
My venture into e-commerce started as a small seed of an idea that was planted in my mind 3 years before I even took the first step toward creating my e-commerce websites online. Having worked many 9-5 jobs, including graveyard shift was exhausting, yet I had nothing to show for my hard work. I did the college thing grinding it out just to get my diploma. I worked at night all-throughout college, and while everyone was having fun partying, I was working into the wee hours to pay for school.

As soon as I graduated, I left and lived abroad for a couple of years to clear my mind. Frustrated, I began to read works of successful people and began incorporating them into my life. Although it took another 3 years to take action, I’ve never truly felt alive till I began my own venture. Now, I have multiple e-commerce websites and working full time with my brother to achieve our goals of financial freedom. We’re still far from where we want to be, but with each step we take, the closer we get to our goals.

How about you?
If you’ve been wanting to start your own business, I hope that my experiences learning in the trenches will be able to help you begin your online retail career and to fulfill your true financial potential, even if you’re starting part-time. If you already have an e-commerce site and looking for tips and techniques to multiply your current business, welcome and let’s take your e-commerce site to the next level!